escape grants

Domestic abuse often includes children and pets. When victims of domestic abuse wish to escape their abusers, they are usually faced with the difficult task of finding shelter for not only themselves and their children, but also their pets. Not all domestic violence shelters accept pets. 


When a shelter doesn't accept pets, the victim is faced with the difficult decision of staying in the abusive home or leaving their pet behind. Pets that are left behind are often tortured or killed. We believe no pet should be left behind with an abuser. 


Our goal is to provide temporary financial support for the pets of domestic violence victims. The grants will be used to cover boarding, food, and necessary vaccinations for up to 30 days.


The application for an Escape Grant must be submitted by the employee or volunteer of an Arkansas domestic violence shelter or organization. Grant recipient must receive assistance from a domestic violence shelter or organization during the grant term and provide regular updates to the staff on their progress. 




K9 Splash & Dash: Bryant, Arkansas. Phone: (501) 847-7336



Lonoke County Safe Haven: Cabot, Arkansas. Phone: (501) 941-4357


Saline County Safe Haven: Benton, Arkansas. Phone: (501) 315-7233 Email: 


Women and Children First: Little Rock, Arkansas. Phone: (501) 376-3219


Women's Own Worth: Little Rock, Arkansas. Phone: (501) 303-9978 Email:




In 2011, Arkansas amended its law to include pets in protection orders. Upon a finding of domestic abuse, a court may "direct the care, custody, or control of any pet, owned, possessed, leased, kept, or held by either party residing in the household" in an order for protection filed by a petitioner. Arkansas also defines emotional abuse to include harming a spouse's pet in its Spousal Safety Plan Act. Emotional abuse committed by one spouse against the other spouse constitutes spousal abuse. This means abusing a pet to emotionally harm one's spouse is domestic violence. 




Grants are available to Arkansas residents only. 

Pets must be animal and people friendly.

Grants are available for dogs and cats only at this time. Other small animals may be considered. 

Pets must be in general good health and not carry any contagious diseases. 

Grants are based on need and available funding. 

Grants may not be used to pay off a bill that has already been incurred. 

Grant approval is not guaranteed and may be terminated at any time. 

Grant applications are reviewed on a case by case basis. 


An employee or volunteer of a shelter or domestic violence prevention organization must submit the application or verify that applicant is seeking assistance from their organization.